I got my start in show business at the age of 18 months in a commercial for Pampers and appeared in over 50 commercials throughout the 1970's as well as appearing in lead and principal roles on Broadway, TV and Film.


The King and I - Louis Leonowens
-Yul Brynner/Constance Towers
-Angela Lansbury
-Yuriko dir.

In this production, I was hired as the understudy for the role of Louis as well as a swing for the Royal Children wearing a black wig and full body make-up so as to appear Siamese.

When Yul Brynner took his vacation, the producers decided to bring in Angela Lansbury as the star-draw for the 3 week stint. Mr. Brynner's understudy, Michael Kermoyan filled the role as King. This was an exciting time to behold the production transformed before my eyes.

I rehearsed with Ms. Lansbury a few times but I never got the chance to perform with her, as I was understudy at that time.
Standing in the wings, she would always chat with me before making her entrances.

Camelot - Tom of Warwick
-Richard Burton
-Christine Ebersole
-Richard Harris
-Frank Dunlop dir.

This production toured the United States breaking all world records for attendance and also played at Lincoln Center’s State Theater in New York City. It was filmed for HBO at NYC's Winter Garden Theater.

Mr. Burton was a perfect gentleman and a loving, caring fellow actor. On my 12th birtday, at the curtain call, he stepped forward and announced to the audience of the occasion, bringing me front and center. He called for the prop dept. to retrieve Excalibur and had me kneel before him. Mr. Burton then stated: "I knight thee, Sir Thor" at which point he led the audience of 2300 in a rendition of "Happy Birthday".

During the year long tour, Mr. Burton, would frequently ask me and my Dad to join him in his limo for a ride back to the hotel after the show.

Mr. Harris (who had taken over the role in the 2nd year of the tour) was equally kind, yet charmingly boustrous!


A Month in the Country (Roundabout) - Kolya
-Tammy Grimes
-Farley Granger
-Amanda Plummer
-Kelsey Grammer
-Boyd Gaines
-Philip Bosco
-Michael Kahn dir.

What an incredible cast! I have fond memories of Ms. Grimes. The dress she wore in the show was a very tight fit, therefore she was on a strict diet. On matinee days, between shows, she used to "secretly" send me to the store to buy her a box of Entenmann's chocolate chip cookies. It was our little seceret and it drove her dresser crazy!


Mensch Meier (Manhattan Theatre Club) - Ludwig
-Stephen McHattie
-Harvey Keitel
-Jaques Levy dir.

We rehearsed with Mr. Keitel for 3 or 4 weeks. What an extraordinary experience that was. Working scenes with him was, for me, a lesson in being "present" on the stage. Unfortunately for us, he left the production (to shoot a film) before we opened . Stephen McHattie stepped in to this enormously difficult and dramatic role with only a few days rehearsal. His focus and professionalism were an inspiration.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Puck
American Theater of Actors
-James Jennings dir.

Romeo and Juliet - Romeo
American Theater of Actors
-James Jennings dir.


Hello Again - Danny
Touchstone Films
-Shelley Long
-Corbin Bernson
-Judith Ivey
-Gabriel Byrne
-Sela Ward
-Austin Pendelton
-Robert Lewis
-Carrie Nye
-Madelline Potter
-John Cunningham
-Frank Perry dir.

An amazing cast!

Misplaced - Ruffian's Friend-
-John Cameron Mitchell
-Louis Jansen dir.


Archie Bunker’s Place
(CBS)- Larry Burton
-Carroll O’Connor 

I appeared on one episode entitled: Stephanie's DanceWorking with Mr. O'Connor was a delight. Initially, frightened by the iconic character of Bunker, he quickly set me at ease with his warm personality (no NY accent either).  From the first "table read" on Monday, through shooting on Friday, he continued to improvise and develop the scenes. I took it as a badge of honor when he refered to me as "little meat-head".

Frank and Fearless (ABC) - Jasper Kent (Lead)
-Jane Krakowski

Ms. Krakowski and I knew each other prior to shooting this Weekend Special.
Her professionalism, grace and beauty have always been present. I was thrilled to work with her.


The Doctors -  NBC soap opera - Erich Aldrich
1977 - 1980.

One of the classics in the pantheon of Soap Operas, this show aired from April 1, 1963, to December 31, 1982. There were 5280 episodes produced and launched numerous legendary careers.  including: Kathleen Turner, Alec Baldwin, Kathy Bates,  Ellen Burstyn,  Ted Danson,  Jonathan Frakes.

As a young boy of the age 8-11, my daily routine included getting a script at 8am, running lines with the cast, rehearsing at the Rockefeller Center and shooting the program in Studio 3B. The cast and crew were so generous and gracious. They always made me feel right at home. I had no idea how extraordinary this experience was at the time and I am forever grateful to those who showed me so much love.

All In Time - Bass Player
-Chris Fetchko  dir.
-Marina Donahue dir.

After more than 20 years away from acting, I got the chance to perform in Trust Me. A really cool film currently being edited in New York City and expected to be completed in the fall of 2014 in time for the 2015 film festival season.
The film is a fictionalized story based on '90's rock band The Badlees. In the film, the band is called The Damnsels and consists of original Badlees frontman, Pete Palladino, and drummer, Ron Simasek.

At age 20, I embarked on a cross-country adventure determined to live my dream of playing guitar. With no formal training in music, I followed my musician friends, sitting-in whenever I got the chance and also playing in many original rock bands.
In 2005 I realized my dream of forming Led Blimpie, the highly successful Led Zeppelin tribute band.