Kenner: Star Wars Darth Vader Carrying Case
2nd Commercial
The Empire Strikes Back 1980

I was on tour with Camelot in Chicago when we shot this commercial. Empire had not even come out yet and the figures used in the commercial are actually plaster prototypes (not plastic toys). No one knew the proper pronunciation of Lando Calrissian. My dad insisted that the double "s" should be pronounced like a "z" so that's what we went with! I thought for sure that "Bossk" and "IG-88" would figure more into the plot of the film since they had such a big "feature" in the commercial. Boy, was I wrong about that! LOL!

Fruit Chewy - Fig Newton's

I think this was a bit of a marketing disaster. And would likely appear to be racially insensitive today.
I appear at 0:20 in a stereotypical "Indian" (Native American) outfit. (Mercifully WITHOUT any make-up).

I remember this shoot as being one of the more "tedious" shoots of my career, in that we were on location outdoors and were constantly "waiting on the sun"; meaning that the clouds kept messing up the shot. The DP (or someone on his team) spent most of the day with a colored-lens monocle pressed against his eye, starring at the sun and occasionally shouting "5 minutes" , etc. to estimate when the clouds would move out of the way so we could shoot.
Underoos - 1979

It's cool that my image ended up being the thumbnail for this video or else I may never have found it! A friend saw it and told me about it.
I first appear at 0:20 as "SHAZAM!". Later, you can see me dancing completely out-of-step as everyone else is "in synch".
(I didn't hone my rhythm-skills until much later.)
Snuffy's Fire Brigade
PSA - Stop Drop and Roll

There's a full 14 min "film" as well as a 30 sec "spot".
This was A LOT OF FUN!!!